Biography: Peter Ashman

As the founder of Peter Ashman Conditioning, Peter specializes in explosive strength, movement and balance training. Peter's extensive athletic background includes competing Nationally in Yacht Racing, as a Club- and University-Level Rugby Player, a Club-Level Tennis Player and as an avid Golf and Mountain Bike enthusiast. He is currently training to compete as a 50m freestyle swimmer.

His training experience and passion for coaching both mind and body has prepared clients for a vast array of health, fitness and sporting challenges. In addition to one on one coaching, Peter has also initiated, scripted and led a variety of sports conditioning group classes for both kids and adults. In 2007 Peter authored a book about off-court tennis conditioning.

Peter holds a Business Degree from Ryerson University and personal training certifications from Can-Fit-Pro and sports and coaching mentorship certifications from Twist Sport Conditioning. Peter educates and trains clients outdoors and in Fitness and Recreation centres. Peter was born in Montréal, Québec.

The sole focus of his practice is neuromuscular training:


Balance represents the foundation for athletic movement and all relevant sport training programs. It plays a huge role in the development of strength, movement, skill and overall conditioning for sports.

When an athlete is out of balance the visual, vestibular and somatosensory systems deliver information to the CNS. This information is then processed with an appropriate muscular response being triggered to maintain balance.


Neuromuscular-based training enhances an athlete's agility, read and reaction skills, static and dynamic balance, first-step quickness, explosive speed and eccentric strength. The muscles required to react, stabilize and decelerate movement over a variety of planes of motion, versus a linear plane, are driven by neuromuscular activation. Every time a movement occurs, it is driven by a neurological impulse.


Explosive strength represents the ability to exert strength or force as rapidly as possible. Exercises that develop explosive strength place more intense demands on the neuromuscular system by requiring a rapid deceleration/acceleration movement. The goal is to develop progressively quicker and more controlled transition. Plyometrics provide the foundation for building explosive strength.


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