Client Testimonials

Peter Ashman is an amazing personal trainer! His enthusiasm and knowledge as well as Peter's ability to motivate his clients is unmatched. As an AAA bantam GTHL defensemen who needed to put on body mass, Peter Ashman helped me improve my balance, and strengthen my core. When I started with Peter I was 150lbs and have since put on an additional 25lbs. My stride and explosive shot has greatly improved on ice.

I would fully recommend Peter to anyone who is looking for a friendly, personable, knowledgeable personal trainer. "Thanks again"

- Anthony


I started training with Peter Ashman in mid-April and I weighed in around 158, and I struggled with benching 75 pounds. I had a personal goal to make midget, a team that I was trying out for in the fall, along with putting on body mass. Not only did I make my hockey team, I now weigh 170 pounds and I can bench more than 185 pounds, and have noticed a drastic improvement in my physique. My legs, core endurance and my overall body mass is nothing like it was when I started and it has been a huge help for me on the ice. Now my skating stride is much more powerful and explosive and I now have an edge over the kids a year older than me in my league when body checking. Peter has not only just trained me but has kept me focused on the task, and that is why I excelled when training and actually enjoy it. Not only is Peter a great trainer, but he is also a great guy and someone that you can easily get along with. And I would 100 percent recommend Peter Ashman to be your trainer.

- Justin


Peter has helped me so much since I started training with him, I am finally able to run for a longer distance, I am much stronger. My eating habits have changed, my overall health is better. He's helping me get the body I've always wanted!

- Bianca


As a competitive mountain bike racer and athlete, it is important to me to train in order to build my strength and speed. Since training with Peter Ashman, my upper body and leg strength has improved substantially and my overall endurance has increased. As a result, I have attained several mountain bike awards and medals this past season (Ontario Cup, Weekly Race Series, Crank the Shield Stage Race to name a few).

Peter's training style is very precise for each individual. He takes pride in his work and his success stems from his own competitive nature. Peter understands his client's individual goals and pushes them just beyond what they think they can handle. He teaches, coaches, corrects, praises and empowers when appropriate and I would recommend him to anyone who has the desire to succeed with their health and fitness goals.

- Donna


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